Dear New Trinity Families,

Welcome to Trinity Homeschool Academy.  We hope you have a great year with us and make wonderful memories as your children grow and mature through God’s grace and love. To assist in communication, we would like to introduce you to our forms of social media, which most of our teachers and parents utilize.


Mailchimp is a newsletter software, which we use for weekly communication from the administration. Please make sure you check your spam folder for these emails if you are not getting them weekly.  If you do not receive these newsletters within a week of registration, please contact Tonya at is our main website for class assignments, instructions, and last minute information from the teachers to the parents/students.  It is best to “subscribe for updates” with each teacher and class you have enrolled in.  This will send you emails every time the teacher makes an update to the webpage. Last minute changes, updated assignments are sent directly to you.  Some teachers utilize other forms of class communication, please email them if you have questions.  Please also subscribe for updates on the “admin” link of classjump.  We will post updates and events throughout the year. is a free grading service, which some of our teachers will be using this year to send progress reports or grades. Those teachers will be emailing you to set up your Engrade account. Trinity’s Teachers are not required to utilize this service and may have other ways of communicating your child’s progress.  Also, you are not required to sign on to this system; although some teachers will use it for online quizzes, etc.

Please email us if you have any questions. There is a help link, too, if you have basic usage questions. Make sure you check your spam folder for these emails which are sent when teachers update grades/progress, in addition to when you register for a class.

We also use a main website, blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you take any photos or would like to share any events or communication, please message us on Facebook or email us at to post yourcomments. You may also share questions on our blog.

Thank you for joining our Trinity family.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

We are looking forward to a great year!

Your Trinity Team

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